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Dirty Diaries DVDRIP [Latest]




Playwrights:  Mikael von Essen, Helene Erichsen, Anette Ingendahl, Irena Kell, Fredrik Svanström, Karin Wunsch. Frans Ploeg, . Original title: , Kommentar Themen:  Viksförslag, Öffentlichkeitsarbeit. Elin Magnusson: . The pieces are intended to be read in the order given in the programme. Datariet är i ändringsskriv innan programmet öppnades. Event Programmes - The Dirty Diaries -![]( "New category") Directed by Ester Martin Bergsmark The Dirty Diaries was a public performance in Sweden in 2014, produced by the Theatre and was a new genre of theatre performance. It has the subtitle ’s A Diary of Life...’ The public performance took place on the square outside the new theatres in Malmö. It was supported by Konstnärsnämnden och Skolverkets Stiftelse, Kristianstad stiftelse, Konstnärsmottagningen i Skåne and The Malmö Theatre and Performing Arts Association.![]( "New category") Comments on themes: The authors have chosen the name 'Diary of Life' to signify a personal and documented life. There are several themes in this play - violence, sex, loneliness, the personal sphere and the relationship between the individual and the surrounding world. It shows the imbalance in the human situation, which is inherent in every one of us. The individuals show their vulnerability and social exclusion.![]( "New category") The play is based on various life forms. The struggle to survive is something that all animals




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Dirty Diaries DVDRIP [Latest]

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